District Chakwal

Chakwal, a city located in Punjab, Pakistan, offers a rich cultural heritage, historical significance, and a captivating environment. Named after Chaudhry Chaku Khan, the founder of the city, Chakwal has a diverse history that dates back to the Mughal era. It served as a prominent town in the Dhan Chaurasi Taluka and later became the Tehsil Headquarters during the British era. In 1985, it was elevated to district status. Spread across an area of approximately 10 km², Chakwal boasts a blend of languages and a thriving agricultural industry.

Exploring the city is a delightful experience, with its lush orange orchards, wheat fields, sugarcane plantations, and vibrant markets. Chakwal is known for its renowned personalities, including Colonel Muhammad Khan, Tabish Kamal, and India’s former Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh.

To enter Chakwal, there are four main routes: via Kallarkahar exit, Chakwal exit on the motorway, Mandra exit on N5 GT road, or Sohawa exit on N5 GT road. Once in the city, the primary mode of transportation is through Qinqi Rickshaws, which serve as local and special transport.

Historical Landmarks

Chakwal and its surrounding district are home to numerous historic landmarks:

Kallar Kahar: Nestled in the salt range mountains, Kallar Kahar offers breathtaking landscapes, historic sites, and a famous lake.

Katas Raj: A sacred place for the Hindu and Sikh communities, featuring the world’s tallest temple of Shiva and several other temples.

Malot Fort: Provides stunning views of the Jehlam and Chanab rivers, as well as Sargodha.

Lakes in Chakwal

Chakwal’s lakes have become popular picnic spots due to their natural beauty:

Dhok Taalian lake

Kot Raja lake

Khokhar zer lake

Dharabi lake

Ghazial lake

Walana lake

Mial lake

Nakka lake

Dhurnal lake

Grebh lake

Khai lake

Minwal lake


Engage in various activities during your visit:

Karah (Bull race): The most popular source of entertainment in the district.



Shopping and Local Cuisine

Explore the main market of Chakwal, Chappar Bazar, where you can find a wide range of food, clothing, accessories, and electronics. Don’t forget to try the famous Pehlwan Rewrri, a specialty of Chakwal. Indulge in the renowned Zarri Khussa (footwear).

Dining and Refreshments

Experience the local cuisine at various eateries:

Haji’s “daal anda” near Shah Multani, Bhaun road Chakwal

Sheraz Tikka House, Talagang Road Chakwal

Emporium’s Shawarma, Talagang Road Chakwal

Al Qaim Hotel, Tesil chowk (24/7)

Pizza Time, Bhaun Road

Al Mukhtar Royal Palace, Balkassar interchange

Super Balochi Sajji Rice, Talagang road Chakwal

Unique Broast House, bypass road Chakwal

Pizza Hot, Talagang Road

Tasty haleem center, Chaparr Bazar

Italian Pizza, Talagang road

Rahat Bakery, Bhaun Chok

Hafiz Burger, Rawalpindi Road Chakwal

Al Mecca, Talagang Road

Rahat restaurant, Jehlam Road

Pehlwan Hotel; Chicken Pulao, Chaparr Bazar

Madina Hotel; Haleem, a street of Chaparr Bazar

Zalmi Restaurant, Pinwal road Chakwal


Quench your thirst with refreshing drinks:

Pehlwan Juice House’s milkshakes and fresh fruit juices, Chaparr Bazar

Punjab Juice House’s Rubbery Milk, Baab e Chakwal

Nisar Hotel’s lassi, Talagang Road


Rest and relax in comfortable accommodations:

Mecca Hotel, Talagang Road

Azeem International Hotel, Bhaun Chok

Al Murtaza Hotel, Talagang Road

Al Murtaza Restaurant, Talagang Road

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